Brad Hollander’s Story

Since 1976, UVC LLC. founder, Brad Hollander, has been the leading innovator in UVC systems, UV lamp design and manufacturing, ballasts, regulatory compliance, and has pioneered a long series of industry firsts:


  • Founded Factory Electronics, an electronics design and UV lamp innovator.
  • Invented the modern UV treatment systems for coils and ”Kill on the Fly” for the HVAC Industry developing the first Plasma stable UVC lamp.

1980 to 1984

  • Developed and manufactured the first high output UV lamp and ballast system for air, fluids and surfaces.
  • Invented and later patented the first high output low pressure UVC lamp for HVAC.
  • Developed the first electronic ballast for UVC.
  • Developed deployable aircraft drop or haul in, isolations tents and rooms for battlefield and germ warfare outbreaks.
  • Operates on a Jeep, truck or other 12 to 48-volt electrical systems is light weight and quickly deployed.
  • Developed the first battery powered portable UVC water treatment device for emergency’s and camping.
  • Developed a 12 DC volt and or battery powered UVC water treatment systems for emergency drinking containers, from 1 cup to 5 gallons.


  • Founded Steril Aire Inc, Chairman of the board, chief funding officer, head of research and development and over saw manufacturing in the US and China.
  • Steril Aire became the leader in HVAC UVC air and coil treatment.
  • Acquired funding, grew the company and defined the market.
  • Developed all the products until he sold the company to the employees in 1998.


  • Founded UVC, LLC.
  • UVC LLC was created to develop, manufacture, consult and private label products for the UV industry.
  • Signed to a 7-year exclusive-rights contract with International Environmental Corp to develop and manufacture and private label UV products for the HVAC industry.
  • Developed and manufactured the first Submergible and Shatter Proof ETL listed UVC lamp and system.
  • Developed and manufactured the first ”Food Grade Safe” UV lamp and systems.
  • Developed, manufactured, consulted and installed UV systems for the poultry industry, air, water, waste treatment, raw, cooked and frozen foods.
  • Developed the Plastic Encapsulated UVC Lamp™ system for all industries.
  • Developed and manufactured the first rough service UVC lamp.
  • Developed and manufactured the first self- cleaning UVC lamp for water, air and surfaces.
  • Developed Smart Ballast Technology™
  • Built the first 12,000 watt UVC lamp and power supply.
  • Developed the first cold environment UVC system that operates to a minus 40 degrees F for the food processing industry.
  • Developed new types of lamps and systems, greatly lowering the cost of UVC technology and increasing profits.
  • Developed low voltage low cost battery and solar powered systems to treat drinking water for emergencies and underdeveloped countries.


  • Developed OCC Lamp Technology™
  • Developed Steady State Lamp Technology™
  • Developed and tested the first 15,000 to 20,000 watt UV lamp for breaking down undesired chemicals in air, water and soils for pollution control.
  • Developed UV sanitizing systems for wine and beer storage tanks and wooded casks up to 103,000 gallons.
  • Worked with a major Defense Contractor to develop technologies and products after 911.
  • Developed and introduced to the White House and the Defense dept. the TK911 for the anthrax attack 911.
  • We were one of a few companies cited as a technology that worked and was considered by the US post office and the government.
  • Refined and developed new technologies and improved earlier designs of quick deployment bio terrorism systems and anti-rooms.
  • Consulted with several companies to improve current technologies and systems.
  • Consulted, developed and manufactured products and systems for the meat packing industry.
  • Consulted, developed and manufactured systems for pollution control and sewage treatment industry.
  • Developed systems for the packaging industry.
  • Developed a UV “Green” system for the bottling industry.
  • Developed and improved “Green” advanced oxidation and UV systems for water and air treatment in food processing plants.
  • Improved the High output line of UVC lamps and systems.
  • Expanded manufacturing capabilities in China and the USA.


  • UVC LLC.'s designs are "The UV Technology Inside"™ for many of the UV products on the market today.
  • UVC LLC. formed an alliance with Philips Lighting to offer its patented Plastic Encapsulated Lamp™ System and to provide technical support to Philips Developed Quick Start Lamp Technology™
  • Improved designs for companies advanced oxidation systems.


  • Consulted with water treatment company to design improved water treatment systems.
  • Developed systems for the fish industry.
  • Developed and installed UV systems for the poultry industry .
  • Developed systems for the retail frozen food industry.
  • Developed systems for the fruit and vegetable industry.
  • Improved UVC lamps and systems for supermarkets.
  • Developed UVC self-cleaning systems for the water garden industry.
  • Developed a faster less expensive paint curing technology for a major airline manufacturing company.


  • Due to market conditions UVC LLC was able to acquire several failed companies and merged all of them into the UVC LLC umbrella.
  • Focused the new company efforts into the current direction for the current economic challenges.
  • UVC LLC changed its focus to mainly consulting, design and product improvement.
  • We also found ways to improve profits for companies in the UV market.
  • We reduced our manufacturing efforts during the “Great Recession”
    • Worked with companies to develop products and systems for the water, air, HVAC, food, retail, and consumer markets.


  • Hired as a consultant by a start-up, Healthy Sole LLC to design, test, invent, manage the R&D dept. and manufacturing of company.
  • Appointed to the board of directors of Healthy Sole LLC.
  • Designed the residential Healthy Sole shoe disinfection system for future licensing.
  • Developed and oversaw the manufacturing of the Healthy Soles hospital shoe disinfection system.
  • Designed a new Healthy Sole system for clean rooms, Pharma food processing etc.
  • Co-Developed the marketing plan related to the technical side of the business.
  • Involved in strategic planning for the company.
  • Invented and received several patents in the US and worldwide for the Healthy Sole product lines.
  • Currently developing several new UV products that will change the UV industry as we know it.
  • Press releases will be forth coming as patents are ether issued or applied for.
  • Developed the best odor control system that does not use chemicals.
  • Developed technologies to reduce chemicals and taking a “Green approach” to improving many existing and new products.


  • Founded Safe Grow Lights LLC. Developed a patent pending Spectrum Shifting Technology tm solution to eliminate up to 99% of harmful UV and HEV Blue light radiation from grow lights while at the same time letting essential light through to the plants. Most Grow lights emit harmful UV and HEV Blue light energy and are used extensively in the marijuana and grow industries. This first of its kind solution protects people in the grows from skin cancer and other skin injuries and serious eye injury, including Macular Degeneration which may lead to blindness. The Spectrum Shifting Technology tm puts grow businesses in compliance with OSHA, law as well as UL and IEC standards. SGL products works on many fixture models and can be retrofitted to existing installations and comes in fully programmable or manual models.
  • Brad Hollander also developed the first handheld, N.I.S.T. traceable radiometer for the grow industry, which measures light hazards and lets users know when to replace the SGL Spectrum Shifting tm lens.
  • Mr. Hollander also developed Light Tuning Technology tm that improves cannabis plant growth, yields, chemical makeup and production. Theses products are a first of its kind and will allow growers to simulate dusk to dawn lighting as well as all four seasons using current HID and florescent grow lights. The advantages give all growers, in particular craft and boutique growers to enhanced plant growth, varying chemical makeup, and product differentiation for this competitive market.


  • Brad was appointed as a voting member of the UL Standards Committee (STP) which will fast track new horticulture lighting standards including UL 8800 and will become law this summer. He is co-writing and is the lead expert for light exposure safety protocols (Photobiological hazards) for grow houses.Brad Hollander

New Ventures:

UVC LLC has developed and will be launching several new products for the Horticulture and disinfection industries over the next 2 years. These new ground breaking products and technologies will change the industry as we know it. Licensing and private labeling opportunities for a host of new products.


For over 30 years Brad Hollander has been granted several patents in the US and worldwide.

This year he has applied for several new patents in the US and around the world in the fields of horticulture lighting and indoor environmental controls, UV treatment for hospital HAI’s, water, air, surface technologies.

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